Dental Crowns – Types and Benefits

Dentist in Whittier Simplify Dental Crowns

When teeth whitening fails to fix discolored teeth or if they become broken, decayed, cracked, or even worn down, the solution may be to bring your them back to a healthy state as well as a beautiful appearance with a dental crown. They can sometimes be called a ‘cap’ and covers your tooth in order to help regain its size, strength, shape, and appearance. There are a few options your dentist will consider. They are made from ceramic porcelain, metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal.

Explain dental crowns to patients

In the years gone by, when a patient needed a one, they were forced to make a choice between ceramic porcelain, metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns. While these choices are definitely strong and effective restorations, they bring up a few problems.

First of all is aesthetics. Undoubtedly, metal crowns have the least natural looks, but even porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns may lack the color and translucency of their natural state. Another problem is the materials used. Metal lacks biocompatibility i.e. the ability of the soft tissue and gums to tolerate them well. However, thankfully, modern dentistry has made it possible for you to have beautiful, metal-free high quality ceramic crowns.

What does Whittier Square Dentistry Recommend?

Of all the types available, we generally recommend that you use the new technology ceramic crowns by your dentist in Whittier for many different reasons. Ceramic crown match your teeth‘s natural color. You can even whiten your them a few shades lighter in the process. Secondly the strength of the ceramic crowns has increased tremendously. Now they can usually withstand the pressures of chewing foods in the back teeth areas.

And, since ceramic dental crowns don’t contain metal, you won’t have the unusual, unnatural grey color around your gum line that often occurs with others made from other materials including metals. Without that grey line, it will blend in nicely with your teeth. In addition, they are ’tissue-friendly’, which means they allow the gum tissue to grow back against the tooth. This doesn’t always happen with metal. Ceramic crowns are bio-compatible as well, meaning they have no allergic reactions, sensitivity to heat and cold or any impact on taste from the foods you consume. Your dentist in Whittier will be able to advise you about your situation and what will work best.

Ceramic dental crowns are also perfect for your front teeth, often called the ‘smile teeth’, because they have a very natural look. They are also ideal even for the area around the back of teeth, where there is a lot of pressure caused by chewing and biting. Ask your dentist in Whittier about ceramic dental crowns.

How Can Whittier Dental Crowns Last  A Long Time?


Variety of dental crowns

Apart from these benefits, they can last for years with good dental hygiene habits. In fact, studies have proven that this ceramic is very strong and long lasting. Also metal prices continue to rise making ceramic a great value.

Just like normal teeth, ceramic dental crowns do need to be taken care of. Your dentist in Whittier can advise you on good daily oral hygiene habits, such as brushing two times a day as well as flossing once daily, especially near the area where the gum and tooth meet in order to protect their base from bacterial growth. It is also important to have regular dental checkups once every 6 months to make sure that it has not become loose and bacteria is not building up underneath. Whittier Square Dentistry are your dentist in Whittier. We are here to serve you with with beautiful dental crowns, good care, and education.

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