Family Dentist is a Wonderful Benefit

Wonderful Benefits of Your Family Dentist in Whittier

Oral care for you and your family is one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones. Just consider how your medical bills could stack up if you neglect your families teeth and oral health. This could become a very big problem if you are single or you have a very large family. This is just one reason why it is a great idea to work with a family dentist.

There are many added benefits that you get when you work with a our professionals over relying entirely on available specialists at the hospital or dental clinic. From saving time to saving money, here is a brief look at some of the most important benefits you could reap out of having a one place to go for most all your needs.

Whittier Family Dentist Records Are In One Place

beautiful family at whittier square dentistry

Your dentist will be able to keep updated records for your entire family. Every family member will have a medical record that allows us to get a quick brief of your current condition based on the findings of your last visit. Our family dentist will be able to keep personal notes until they know your condition like the back of their hand. This is great for your entire family because now you’ll have a dentist who understands your condition and what is best for your oral health as you develop a relationship over the years.

There will be less difficulty in setting appointments. You’ll be able to book appointments for all your kids and family members with one phone call. This gets really useful over the years when the dentist really gets to know every family member. All it takes is a simple message and the appointment for all necessary dentistry services. Just imagine all the hassle it would take to schedule appointments for you, your wife, and your kids when each member of the family has a different need.

With our family care you can also expect the costs to go down. Over time and with proper care and treatment, your teeth will stay healthy and you will avoid costly gum diseases and cavities. You can save up hundreds if not thousands of dollars by regular checkups and cleanings from your dentists or hygienist instead of waiting until you have tooth pain.

Family Dentist Are Kid Friendly


Family dentistry is also kid friendly. Children are afraid of dentists and barbers for many reasons but one of the more prevalent causes for crying kids in the dental chair is the fact that they do not know who is working on them. Family dentists eventually get over this period because they soon become friends with your kids. Soon your children will be glad to have our professionals work on them because it is someone that they trust and know.

family dentist in whittier with patient

One other thing to take note of is that family dentistry is a good choice for your kids since these dentists spend more time with kids than specialists do. Specialists are called only for very specific operations but the family dentist would have already spent a lot of time with other kids for cleaning and other oral maintenance needs.

You get all of this and more from our dentistry services available here at the Whittier Square Dentistry. You can always visit our office to inquire for all of our available services and to get a look at all our services and the facility. It is our practice to ensure you will find all of your general dentistry needs right here and that you’ll never have to go around Whittier again in search of a better family dentist.

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