The Guide To Family Dentistry And Its Benefits

Family dentistry is an area of dentistry that addresses oral health for every stage of a person’s life. Toddlers and young children have dental needs that are very different from those of adults. Qualified and professional dentist in Whittier can deliver oral care that is comprehensive for both baby teeth and adult(permanent)teeth.

Family Dentist - Protect Your Teeth in Whittier

As with general dentistry, this type of dentistry is more concerned with the health and oral hygiene of a person’s teeth. However, it is common for family dentists to also focus on specific needs, such as:

– Cavity fillings
– Cleanings
– Gum disease treatments
– Fluoride treatments
– Invisalign teeth straightening and much more

Family dentists are well aware that baby teeth and even permanent teeth change as a person gets older. They can also work with children that have a fear of visiting the dentist.

A family dentist has a caring, compassionate, friendly, and gentle approach that makes children comfortable. This approach helps to further solidify in a child’s mind a positive association between having a regular dental exam and establishing good oral hygiene habits for the rest of their life.

With that said, what are some of the benefits of visiting a family dentist?

Range Of Dental Services

Our family dentistry practice provides various services. This means that it does not matter whether your child needs a dental crown, the entire family needs an annual cleaning, someone needs a cosmetic dental procedure. Most all services can be completed by our family dental practice.

Because family dentists can offer such a wide range of services, they are often the preferred choice over general dentists.

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Dental Appointment Convenience

Perhaps the most practical benefit of visiting a family dentist is that your household will be able to receive services from one dental practice. This avoids having to schedule different appointments with multiple specialists at various locations.

If you have infants, toddlers, teenagers, or seniors in your home, everyone can be seen by the dentist on the same day. This convenience ultimately leads to long-term savings in terms of money and time.

Relationship Development With The Dentist

When everyone in your family visits the same dental practice, the result is the development of a personal relationship between the family members and the dental practice. This type of connection is essential in helping to eliminate any anxiety children or adults may experience during a dental visit.

The children will find it a lot easier to express their concerns with a dentist they are familiar with. Your children will discover that instead of being afraid of the dentist, they will trust someone whom members in their household see regularly.

Easy Transition As Children Become Adults

If a child visits a pediatric dentist when they are young, they will have to eventually make the switch to another dentist as they progress through their life. However, if they begin visiting a family dentist when they are younger, there is no need to change dentists as they get older.

Family dentists provide oral health services to people in all stages of life. The children can continue to get oral health care and treatments from the family dentist throughout their lives. These routine visits in their youth and as they make the transition into becoming adults make all the difference.

Besides, there are a lot of children who would be inclined to visit the same dentist they have known their entire lives. This is the person who taught them essential oral health habits when they were children.

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Dental History Tracking

When there is one family dental clinic that caters to the oral health needs of an entire family, the dental practice retains the dental records of each family member. The files stay in one location.

This helps to make it a lot easier to keep track of each family member’s medical history, including hereditary and genetic issues that could be in the family. For example, hereditary and genetic problems that can cause oral health issues could be preventable if they are diagnosed and treated early. This information is vital when family dentists are working with young children to detect and avoid any dental anomalies.

Understanding how a family dentist can benefit your family is essential when seeking out a professional, experienced, and reliable dentist. Family dentistry is the answer to the dental needs of every member of your family. By choosing a family dentist, you will be taking the first step towards convenience, prevention, treatment, and education for a family’s oral health. Come make an appointment with Dr Hwang. Just call our office at (562) 696-2862.