Gums Disease

Protect Your Children From Gum Disease

Safeguarding Your Kids From Gum Disease

Our team of dental professionals cares about providing your children with the best possible start.

It is common for parents to sound like their own moms and dads when they nag their kids to brush their teeth each day. Most Whittier parents are concerned about staving off things such as cavities and dental discolorations. Sadly, not enough people are fully aware of gum disease’s real dangers until it is too late. Many adults are also shocked when their family dentist lets them know that their own gum issues likely started in childhood.

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How gum disease progresses:

Gums Disease

Teeth Cleaning For Kids

Many young parents want to know when their youngsters should be scheduled for their initial dental appointment. The truth is that we are ready and willing to conduct an examination as early as the emergence of a child’s first few teeth. Kids need to be taught about the importance of solid oral hygiene habits right from the start. Taking small children to the dentist early on can help them develop a comfort level with the process that will pay dividends later. While parents may have their own dental phobias, kids must develop a healthy enthusiasm for visiting the dentist, choosing a new toothbrush, and the like.

Solid Oral Hygiene Instruction

Our team of professionals strives to help parents and kids follow proper oral hygiene routines between cleanings and exams. While many parents understand the dangers of gingivitis, they may not realize that the first signs of trouble can emerge in childhood or teenage years. Some of the red flags that indicate unhealthy gums can be easily observed and taken seriously.

Smelly breath is a warning sign that needs to be heeded. While it is reasonable to have a bit of foul breath after a meal, if the persistent odor is present, there may be something wrong. Healthy mouths do not produce nasty smells, and gums should always be firm to the touch and pink in hue. When a child brushes and flosses routinely, yet still suffers from bad breath, he or she may indeed have gum disease due to a buildup of tartar and plaque near the gums and teeth.

A family dental appointment should be scheduled immediately if the foul smell is joined by receding, bloody, or swollen gums. Ignoring the issue can cause gum disease, also called gingivitis, to worsen into periodontal disease, a more severe form of gum disease. This can produce tooth decay, bone loss, and severe pain.

Teenage Dental Care

Not everyone realizes this, but teenagers are particularly susceptible to gum disease, primarily because they often neglect to brush and floss as regularly as they should. Teens with braces can sometimes find cleaning the teeth properly to be challenging and inconvenient. They leave food particles trapped in the wires and brackets for far too long.

Ultimately, young people need to stay vigilant about dental hygiene, brushing, and flossing daily. Following a balanced diet and keeping away from cigarettes are some other ways to maintain a beautiful smile. Children whose teeth remain healthy can prevent their parents from spending vast sums on dental treatments. To learn more about our services or to receive answers to any dental health concerns you may have, contact us today.

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