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Do You Have a Cavity? Want To Know The Signs To Look For?

Here Are A Few Signs You May Have A Cavity!

Cavities are challenging to deal with, but it’s important to spot them early on. The more this issue is prolonged, the worse the outcome will be when it’s time to fix things.

This is why dentists recommended good oral hygiene and regular appointments. By doing this, you understand what’s going on with your dental health both in the short and long-term. Check out our dental services in Whittier CA today.

What if you are unsure about your teeth and potential cavities? Well, it’s time to look for key signs that stand out in situations such as these.

tooth cavity

1) Teeth Sensitivity

Let’s assume you have grabbed a hot drink and are ready to enjoy the beverage. Well, what happens if you take a sip, and all of a sudden, it seems like an electric jolt has been sent through your teeth? This is an excellent example of teeth sensitivity, and it tends to happen with new cavities.

Why does this happen in the first place?

When you have a cavity, the tooth becomes weaker from that spot, and that can start to make the area sensitive. You will begin to feel as if a nerve has been touched, and it’s not a pleasant feeling at all.

2) Discoloration

If you aren’t dealing with any type of pain and everything seems normal, it’s always smart to look at your teeth’ color.

Cavities are often preceded by some form of discoloration in the teeth. It starts to happen slowly, but it does become noticeable after a while, and it’s something you should pay attention to. If there is discoloration, then it might be time to speak to a dentist right away.

3) Bad Breath

Do you notice constant bad breath? Is it something that bothers you a lot?

Bad breath doesn’t always have to happen due to cavities, but it is a potential cause to explore as an individual.

Another example of this can be individuals that deal with odd experiences with food where the taste is off. The reason the taste is terrible might have to do with your cavities. It’s essential to look at what’s happening if your breath doesn’t smell right.

If you don’t do this, it’s possible to have a situation where the cavity gets worse.

4) Swelling/Bleeding Gums

A common sign that is noticed by people has to do with their gums. Gums often become sensitive and prone to bleeding when cavities play a role in your oral health issues.

If you have started noticing small pockets of pus developing along the gum line, this is a clear-cut sign something is off, and it’s best to visit a dentist.

Cavities can start to create symptoms like these, and they are not comfortable at all. Eventually, the swelling is going to turn into bleeding. It will get worse with time until the problem is resolved.

Tooth Pain

5) Tooth Pain

This is a sign that you will notice, and it won’t be easy to ignore. Toothaches happen for several reasons, and this is one of the more common causes.

If you have a cavity, you will deal with regular sensitivity, and it is going to turn into discomfort. You will have pangs of pain rush through your jaw, and it won’t go away easily.

This pain isn’t ideal, and it’s something you have to think about when it comes to your health. It’s a sign that should send the alarm bells ringing about your oral health.

6) Holes in the Teeth

If there are noticeable holes in the teeth, this means you are starting to see the tooth rot. It is a clear-cut sign, something is wrong, especially if the tooth hasn’t been the victim of an impact-injury.

When there are holes in your teeth, this means something is off, and it might have to do with a lingering cavity.

Final Thoughts

These are the main signs to look for if you are worried about your oral health. Yes, cavities are common, but it’s essential to act fast, so things don’t get to the point of no return. If you take the time to analyze your options, you will have a much better time staying out in front of the issue.

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