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Should You Invest In An Electric Tooth Brush?

At Whittier Square Dentistry, we do our best to be your top quality family dentist in Whittier, and provide you with up-to-date dental information for you to live a healthy dental life.  We get a lot of questions on the value of using an electric tooth brush. We believe using this can definitely help keep your teeth and gums healthier. Enjoy this article provided by your dentist in Whittier.

Electric Tooth Brush Ideas By Dentist In Whittier

An electric tooth brush has many advantages over any manual tooth brush. It can positively help you to have a healthier smile with fresher teeth and gums. Bright tooth color isn’t only determined by great genetics, the foods and drinks you consume, or whether or not you smoke. They definitely play a major role but, brushing with an electric toothbrush using high quality tooth paste can also play a role on their whiteness and overall health of your gums and teeth.

Truly Care For Your Tooth Enamel

The outer structure is called “enamel”. This enamel is truly hard and extremely strong. It gives support to the interior living parts of your teeth and protects them from damage. It also protects each tooth’s sensitive nerves in their roots and keeps bacteria from harming the interior of each tooth.  If you brush too forcefully or with a hard bristle brush, you can wear the enamel away exposing the interior parts and roots. This enamel can never be regenerated so once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Your teeth and gums need to be healthy to show your best, most beautiful smile. This requires brushing twice a day with a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste, along with daily flossing.  Using an electric toothbrush can help preserve your enamel by gently cleaning.

Many people purchase hard bristle toothbrushes with good intentions then brush vigorously thinking they are getting their teeth extra clean. But, very few people realize how vigorous brushing can actually harm the tooth’s enamel. By the way, even soft bristle toothbrushes with vigorous brushing can also wear away your health enamel. Using an electric toothbrush along with good brushing techniques will be much more effective for oral health. This will save your teeth and develop healthy gums.

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Why Are Electric Brushes Better?

Electric toothbrushes work by moving or rotating the bristle of the toothbrush very rapidly: much faster than you can brush. They usually have two speeds; the slower speed usually rotates about 10,000 RPM’s and the higher speed usually rotates greater than 30,000 RPM’s. This is much faster than any human can ever dream of brushing. The electric toothbrush head is smaller than the manual toothbrush, allowing you to reach the difficult to brush areas. This makes it easier to keep all your teeth clean and healthy over the traditional manual toothbrush.

Another benefit of electric toothbrushes for people with debilitating arthritis is the large handle over the slender handle for manual toothbrushes. This larger handled toothbrush makes it much easier to use than the manual slender handle brushes.  The head of the power brushes are usually smaller. This allows you to clean hard to reach areas.

Many Choices

There are many choices and brands of electric brushes on the market today.  They are sold for $5 to a couple of hundred dollars. Some brushes need their batteries replaced fairly often, and others are rechargeable. $5 to $10 battery powered toothbrushes do not have the burst of cleaning power that the more expensive brushes will have. As the battery discharges it loses its cleaning power.

The most expensive ones can give you almost hygienist type results at home, but you will still need semi- or annual professional cleaning to remove any remaining plaque buildup.  Select a soft toothbrush that will gently clean your teeth and massage your gums to health.  When your brush starts to slow down, you can recharge ti in a couple of hours, making it work like brand new. This will keep it at its top cleaning power state.

Just purchasing a good quality electric toothbrush will not guarantee you perfectly cleaned and maintained teeth and gums. You need to use it twice and day and use it properly. What are the correct brushing techniques? Definitely use a soft bristle brushes and hold the handle easily in a gentle manner and allow the brush to do the work, rather than force brushing with excessive pressure. Your gums will be happier, and your teeth will be cleaner, when using the powered brush. All of them will need their heads replaced every three months.

Final Thoughts By Your Dentist In Whittier

The benefits of using an electric toothbrush by far out weight those of using the traditional manual tooth brush. It is an investment for your health when used regularly and properly along with daily flossing. This will go far in preventing tooth decay as well as gingivitis. Come for your check up and cleaning by your dentist in Whittier at Whittier Square Dentistry. We love families!

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