What Are The Dental Services Offered Here?

We Care About Our Patients Dental Health

Our dental clinic at Whittier Square Dentistry in Whittier CA is a nearly a “one stop shop”. Our Whittier dentists are skilled and nurturing professionals. They take pride in taking their time to understand your specific dental issues as they happen. Together with your explanation of the problems, the x-rays and a comprehensive visual examination of your teeth and gums our dentists will create an appropriate therapy strategy for your mouth. Our dentists serve several nearby metropolitan areas including Norwalk, La Mirada, Sante Fe Springs, Downey, La Puente, Hacienda Heights, Artesia, and Montebello. Many of our patients originate from these communities as well as other bordering cities to Whittier for our top quality dentistry.

Happy Whittier Dental Family

Our care begins with your physical health history as well as a complete dental check-up to identify and confirm any issues your mouth may have. Several factors can have an effect on your overall dental health including particular physical conditions. We are going to view your records to determine if there is something that could influence our diagnosis and follow-up care. We always do a visual study of every single tooth and review the x-rays to have a full idea of any dental care issues you might have.

Whittier Square Dentistry Many Solutions

We supply many dentistry answers and solutions for you and your family. Some of the specialized solutions we offer are cosmetic veneers, Invisalign teeth straightening system, teeth whitening, in addition to dental crowns. Furthermore, we provide emergency dentistry when you will need it the most.

Whittier Family Dental Care Clinic Services

Our family dentists in Whittier offer solutions to most any dental issue including regular dental home care such as brushing and flossing your teeth. Our Whittier dentists enjoy serving moms and dads together with their kids and grandfather and grandmother. It’s very important to start your youngsters dental care, and checkup’s around three years old. This family habit will teach them the value of healthy gums and teeth and normal dental cleaning and checkup. Our practice is essentially a full service where our dentists can care for most any dental issue that may occur in your life. BUT if there is a particular dentistry issue we feel you should see a particular specialist then we will offer you a referral to a specialty dentist we trust.

Interesting History Of Dentistry

When Family Dental Emergencies Arise; Give Us A Call

On the job and injuries while playing sports happen when you least expect it. You can damage a tooth at any time of day or night. The discomfort might be unbearable. You’ll be able to get in touch with us! We forward our workplace phones during the evening and weekends so you can contact our off hours emergency dentist. At the minimum call us to discuss your situation to see if you need to come in right away or first thing in the morning.

Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year

Dr Aaron Hwang Gentle Dentist

Getting semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings along with daily brushing and flossing should be the standard habits in most families. These valuable habits are essential to good quality dental wellbeing. They will help in fighting plaque, cavities, and gum disease. BUT you need to see your dentist twice a year to get a checkup along with a professional teeth cleaning. Plaque will build on each tooth even with all the greatest oral care. There are still tough to get to places on your teeth. A famous dentistry quote that says, “Just because you can’t see the plaque does not mean it is not there”. So it’s still important to get a regular professional cleaning.

We Offer Cosmetic Veneers

Cosmetic Veneers can sometimes make crooked teeth look straight. They can sometimes fill gaps between your teeth and make discolored teeth white again. Good looking teeth can help your confidence during a job interviews and also social situations. Ask Dr Hwang or Dr Winston any questions you may have about veneers.

If You Need a Root Canal We Can Help

Root canal dental pulp

If one of your teeth is sensitive to heat or cold, you may have a damaged tooth root. If you feel this discomfort within your tooth, it’s critical that you go see your dentist to have him or her look at it. Your dentist can save that tooth by doing a root canal. Root canals were invented to save your tooth rather than remove it. When you have your root canal procedure, the dentists will numb that area so you will have little or no discomfort. They will remove the infected or dead pulp as well as the nerve endings. The root canal should stop your pain and save your tooth in most cases.




Do You Need Your Teeth Straightened?

When you are in social situations or networking events, a beautiful smile stands out. Crooked teeth are also noticeable and will be the 1st impression to new folks as you speak your first words. When you want to straighten your crooked teeth you’ve got a few choices; a mouth filled with metal or the clear Invisalign teeth straightening method. Invisalign’s teeth straightening technique is nearly invisible to those around you. When you brush and floss your teeth, you can remove the Invisalign system so you can clean properly. Metal braces can trap food debris from your meals behind the metal braces. So if you would like to straighten your teeth and keep up proper dental hygiene then Invisalign can be a good option.

Whittier Square Dentistry Is Your Dentist In Whittier CA

Whittier Square Dentistry offers several solutions for the many dentistry issues that may arise in your lifetime. Our dental clinic and our wonderful dentist in Whittier can help your entire family from the babies to grandparents. Remember to come visit our dental clinic in Whittier CA for a dental checkup every six months. You can also have your teeth professionally cleaned.

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