Invisalign Teeth Straightening in Pico Rivera

Whittier Dentist Uses Invisalign

Does My Dentist Do Invisalign Teeth Straightening?

Do you have a set of uneven teeth but are afraid to have wires, metals, or brackets attached to them? Are you eager to show your best smile but choose not to because you might not like what you will see? Invisalign by our Whittier dentist  might be the key to all your beautiful smile worries!

How Invisalign Retainer Does Its Magic

Using a state-of-the-art 3D computer imaging, your trained Invisalign dentist will see your teeth positioning. This will help them develop a treatment plan to correct the alignment of your smile with the use of the Invisalign system. You will have a clear polymer invisalign retainers customized to perfectly fit for your teeth. This will help straighten them just as normal braces do without you having to endure all the negative effects of wearing metals.

Invisalign Straightening

The Benefits of Whittier Invisalign Results

There is nothing like a perfect smile that you can show to others, and you know that cannot quite have the confidence if you think you do not have a flawless set of teeth to do so. But do not worry! Invisalign is here to put an end to your worries. Read on, to see how Invisalign retainers by your Whittier dentist will help you achieve that beautiful smile!

Treat Your Smile Without Your Friends Knowing.
Invisalign is an alignment system made with a transparent polymer which is commonly used for other medical purposes. After your Invisalign dentist in Whittier carries out some laboratory examinations such as X-rays and 3D computer imaging, aligners will be made according to the expected movement of your teeth as the treatment progresses until they are perfect; and people around you would not even notice a thing!

Treat Your Teeth But Maintain Good Oral Hygiene. Most people who wear braces suffer from hygiene problems. They usually develop bad breath as the wires and brackets trap the food they eat. This can be difficult to reach with the floss strings, and especially with the usual brushes. With Invisalign retainers, you can remove the invisalign retainers when you eat, brush and floss. These aligners can be easily removed and put back on before and after you brush and floss to maintain healthy oral hygiene. So, as they are aligned, you know your oral health cannot go wrong.

Dr Winston will help you with your Invisalign needs. Here are results of Invisalign by a Toronto dentist.

Treat Your Smile But Still Feel Comfortable

Just as, it has been pointed out, Invisalign does its magic without the braces that are either made out of wires, metals or brackets. After only a few days of adjusting to your invisalign braces, you can wear your Invisalign’s hasslefree.

What’s My Next Step With My Whittier Dentist?

Schedule an appointment with your Whittier dentist at Whittier Square Dentistry and after a few consultations, our trained Invisalign dentists will help you decide whether you need Invisalign or not. If you do, a treatment plan will be made, and your Invisalign will be customized perfectly to fit. As your treatment progresses, you will have to wear several invisalign aligners until the goal of alignment is achieved.

Although the concept of Invisalign is not new in the dentistry industry, the manufacturers ensure the Whittier Dentist clients fix their alignment according to their individual needs. With the use of a new technology through computer imaging, your teeth will be straightened. In no time, you can show your best smile with the help of your Whittier dentist and without having to worry!

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