Dental Crowns in Whittier CA

A brand new dental crown, also called dental cap, restores your tooth to its original shape, its size, and its strength. It will completely encase the noticeable part of your tooth. After it forms a permanent bond, only a dentist or a specialist can remove it. The life span can range up to 15 years and more with good care and oral hygiene. For our list of  Whittier dental services that we offer, click here.

When Should You Get One? Reasons you may need one for your tooth may be:

  • To protect or restore your tooth that is worn or decayed, cracked or broken
  • To support and protect a tooth when you have a root canal or a large filling
  • It can cover your dental implant
  • It can hold a bridge or other device in place
  • It can give you a nicer smile when your teeth are very discolored

Various Types of Crowns

What is the best type for your tooth’s restoration? Your dentist will base the choice on the chewing position and tooth structure or on the dental implant requiring good protection. We use three types with their own particular qualities and characteristics: Dental Crowns made by Whittier Square Dentistry Porcelain Crown Porcelain is nice-looking, sturdy, secure, and resists wear. Your body accepts porcelain well and only in rare cases rejects it. It does not contain metal.

This is the one that most people prefer because of the cosmetic effects. This type usually looks really good with your smile. Your porcelain crowns gives a very natural color matching with your other teeth and is an superb choice for your front teeth. We also offer various types of All Ceramic cap for different needs. The visual quality of a porcelain requires a high level of skill to bring out the beauty.

Porcelain Metal? Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental caps have benefits with a natural looking color surface that looks similar to your other teeth and added strength of the metal. This fused metal strengthen them but sometime the metal will show shadows of the metal through the porcelain.

This type has several benefits, but it also requires removing more of the tooth structure than the metal ones do. So there are several good choices. Discuss the pro’s and con’s of each type or ask your dentist on Penn Street what they recommend.

Who Is This Procedure Good For?

They serve many purposes from completing a root canal to fixing a broken tooth or covering and protecting a decayed one.  We will determine if you are a good candidate. If you have had a root canal many time much of it needs to be removed, so our specialists will shape it to accept a form fitted crown.

If you have a tooth with extensive decay it can possibly be saved by removing the decay and protecting the remaining tooth with a new cap. If your have a implant you will definitely get one to cover the implant and fill the gap. This will definitely stabilize the surrounding teeth.

How Will This Work? After a careful examination of your teeth, gums and your bone structure, your dentists will explain the options for treatment and also answer any questions you may have. Once your treatment starts, your dental professional will give you a local anesthetic to make you comfortable during the procedure.

He will prepare the tooth and usually give you a temporary one to protect your gum and tooth areas until the permanent one is ready. On the next visit it will be cemented to the tooth. Call our clinic and we will be happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

Final Words: Dental crowns have come a long way in the last 15 years. There have been many advancements and improvements. They do things from creating a stable environment between teeth that were lost using implants to cosmetic enhancements that many people love.

People who have never had a great smile can now have a great smile. People who have lost teeth don’t have to worry about shifting teeth causing pain and affecting their healthy eating patterns. If you live a very active social life or you are in the spotlight in your work you can greatly improve your wonderful smile. You can also gain much confidence in your photos and as you are interacting with the public.