Dental Services at Whittier Square Dentistry

Come visit our full service Whittier dentist near me. Our talented dentists and caring professionals will help you improve your overall dental health with regular visits. They take pride in their excellent listening skills so they can completely understand your specific teeth and gum issues as they occur. Along with your explanation, x-rays and a thorough visual examination of your teeth and your gums we can properly diagnose and develop a proper treatment plan for you. We also serve many surrounding cities in La Mirada, Norwalk, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, Hacienda Heights, La Puente, Montebello, and Artesia. Many of our clients come from these and other surrounding cities for our quality treatment.

This is a fun video for your enjoyment:)! Its by a clinic in Whitinsville, MA. Very cute!

Our care begins with your physical health history and a full dental examination to detect and confirm any issues you may be having. Many things can affect your oral health including certain physical conditions. We will look at your health history to see if there is anything that may affect our diagnosis and follow-up care. We do a visual examination of each tooth and review the x-rays to get a complete understanding of any tooth or gum issues you may have.

Our Services:

We offer many services for your family and you. The professional services you may need are Invisalign teeth straightening, teeth whitening, cosmetic veneers, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth pain, or removal, dental crowns, and so much more. We also offer emergency oral care and treatment when you need it the most.

Our Dental Clinic:

Our family dentists offer many dentistry services to all the surrounding cities. We love serving moms and dads and their children plus grandma and grandpa. You should start your children at about 3 years old. This will help them understand the importance of complete and regular oral health care. One of the most significant things that makes our dental clinic a good value for you and your family is the almost, with few exceptions, a one stop full service clinic. BUT if there is something we feel we shouldn’t handle we will refer you to a specialist.

Emergency Dentist:

Sports injuries and on the job injuries happen when we least expect them. You can have a broken or traumatized tooth at anytime of the day or night. The pain can be unbearable. You can call us! We forward our office phones during the hours our clinic is closed to our on call emergency staff in Whittier. If you feel you have a true emergency and the pain is too much to bear you can always call.

Dental Checkups and Semi-Annual Cleanings:

Brushing and flossing are the basic daily habits you need and are vital to quality dental health. These habits will help fight plaque, cavities, and gum disease. BUT you should always come in for a checkup and a professional cleaning twice a year to maintain good teeth and gum health. Even with the best oral care you can still have plaque buildup in the hard to get to places. There is an old quote that says, “Just because you can see plaque doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Cosmetic veneers:

Veneers can make crooked teeth look straight and fill gaps between them. They have many cosmetic beauty uses just ask our professional staff. Good looking teeth can help your confidence when you are at job interviews and social situations. People like a nice looking smile.

Here is Dr Jerry Gordon demonstrating how cosmetic dental veneers are installed. He is from Bensalem, PA. He is using composite veneers but we usually use porcelain veneers which are more beautiful and stronger.

Root Canals:

When you have a tooth that is sensitive to heat or cold you may have a damaged or abscess tooth root. When you feel this pain in your tooth it’s important that you go see our exceptional dentists very soon. He or she may be able to save your tooth with a root canal. They are designed to save your tooth. In the past, before root canal treatments in Whittier, we would have had to remove the tooth to stop the pain. When you get your root canal procedures we numb the area first so any pain will be barely noticeable or no pain at all. Your dental professional will remove the infected or dead pulp along with the nerve endings. Your bad tooth can be saved in most cases.

Dental Implants:

Our implants are designed to replace badly damaged or missing teeth. When they are completely installed they will look and feel like your natural teeth. The top quality implant is placed in your jaw and will take the place of your tooth’s root. We use surgical grade titanium that is bio-compatible with your body’s immune system. This means your body will not reject the titanium implant after it is installed. The implant is actually a titanium screw that builds a very strong bond with your jaw bone. Once it has bonded with the jaw bone it’s time to install a permanent dental crown. You can see our doctor for a free consultation about this procedure. After this procedure is complete keep up with good oral hygiene habits and it should last you many happy years.

This video by Dental Implant World an educational site shows the basic procedure for installing titanium implants. Once it has bonded with the bone and is ready then we install the permanent porcelain crown to complete the job.

Invisalign Teeth Straightening System:

A beautiful smile really shows off in social situations and your business networking events. Crooked teeth are noticed when you are giving a first impression to new people you meet. When your teeth are crooked and you want straight teeth you have a couple of choices; a mouth full of metal or the clear Invisalign system. The Invisalign teeth straightening system is almost invisible in your mouth. The other nice thing with Invisalign system is that you can take them out when you want to brush and floss your teeth. With metal braces food debris will be trapped between your teeth and brushing alone can’t remove it. So if you want to straighten your teeth Invisalign is a good choice.

Our dental center offers many services for your loved ones. Our professional clinic is very happy to help your family with all your families oral health needs. Remember to come in for a dental checkup every 6 months and have you teeth professionally cleaned. Along with brushing and flossing this is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

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 We are just a phone call away for any information you need including insurance or budget questions. Our wonderful experienced dentists are eager to see your healthy teeth and beautiful smile! Good oral hygiene is our top priority. Also, be sure to call us right away if you have any symptoms of infection or dental risk factors that can create serious health conditions in your life.