Montebello Barnyard Zoo

Located at 600 Rea Dr, Montebello, CA 90640, the Montebello Barnyard Zoo is a fun family destination. Whether you’re looking for a place to take your kids to learn about farm animals or just want to experience the excitement of a zoo, this Whittier, CA venue has something for everyone. There are a variety of farm animals, a train ride, a playground, and a petting zoo.

The zoo opened in 1937 and features more than 50 different animals. The animals are kept in a natural habitat, and visitors can get up close and pet them. There’s also a petting zoo and a 1940s-style carousel. It’s free to attend the Montebello Barnyard Zoo, although it’s not recommended for small children. There are no restrooms, but the zoo has a picnic area, a train ride, and pony rides.

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The zoo is a family-friendly destination with various creatures and educational experiences. For children, the petting zoo is a favorite and a great place to go with their parents or grandparents. The zoo also offers pony rides and train rides. The facility also has a picnic area and a septic tank for animal waste.

While the zoo had been closed for several months due to the pandemic, it reopened in early February. The zoo has a refurbished carousel from the 1940s and is now a popular destination for families with young children. In addition to the animals, there are pony rides, train rides, and even kid’s birthday parties. The zoo travels to Whittier and Pico Rivera for more family fun.

The Montebello Barnyard Zoo is a family-friendly destination with animals everyone will love. The zoo is a perfect place to take your kids. It is home to a vintage carousel and many other fascinating animals. The zoo also offers a picnic area and pony rides.

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The zoo is home to more than 50 animals, including tigers, lions, and other wild animals. The zoo’s carousel was made in the 1940s and is a popular attraction. The zoo had to close due to the pandemic. Luckily, the zoo reopened in early February.

This small zoo is open daily and has a variety of interesting animals, including goats and sheep. Admission is $6 and includes several rides, including a carousel and train. It is also a popular place for birthday parties, as zoo visitors can feed the animals. One of the best parts of the Montebello Barnyard Zoo is its location, as it is close to the downtown area.

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