Beautiful Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple near Whittier CA

The Hsi Lai Temple is a beautiful, serene Buddhist temple located in the city of Whittier. The building was first founded by Master Sheng Yen on April 10th 1980 and officially opened October 14th 1988. It has been recognized as one of the most significant temples for Taiwanese Buddhism in North America! Follow this blog post to learn all about this amazing place that holds many cultural artifacts from Taiwan’s history, including bronze statues depicting deities such as Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) or Kuan Ti (God of War).

Torii Entrance gate of Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple, Whittier CA

The Hsi Lai Temple is a place for many different people to come together and share their faith. The name of the temple comes from two Chinese words that when translated, mean “Gathering Together” or “Coming Together.” Coming together can be seen as an integral aspect of this religious center because it gives believers the opportunity to gather with friends and family.

Hall of Bodhisattvas at Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple, California

Your Visit To Hsi Lai Temple

Visiting the temple is a great way to spend an afternoon. There are many opportunities for visitors of all ages and backgrounds, including Buddhist lectures and seminars, charitable donations, guest housing accommodations, summer camps for childrens’ learning Buddhism through arts and crafts along with field trips.

And of course, another interesting thing about the temple is its bodhisattva garden. What’s a Bodhisattva? They are enlightened beings who have postponed their nirvana and chosen to stay on earth in order help others find enlightenment themselves by creating an environment that fosters enlightenment through meditation and contemplation.

The grounds include an extensive garden with several ponds and a variety of plants. Visitors can take guided tours or observe on their own.

Hsi Lai Temple Designed By John Lautner

The temple was designed by architect John Lautner, who also designed the J.F.K Presidential Library. John Lauter is known throughout the world as one of the leading architects in modern architecture.

The building includes living quarters for monks, classrooms, meeting rooms, meditation halls and dining areas . The Hsi Lai Temple monks who live on site are vegetarian and must follow a strict eight-hour sleep schedule.

Study Buddhism Here

Hsi Lai Temple is dedicated to the study of Buddhism and in particular, the Pure Land school of Mahayana Buddhism that guarantees enlightenment for believers after their death as long as they have been virtuous during life.

There are many activities at the temple such as meditation, chanting, and vegetarian cooking demonstrations

FAQ’s for Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple

What do the people in Hsi Lai Temple think about the place?

The people in Hsi Lai Temple are very appreciative of the temple and its teachings. They also think that it’s a good place for them to practice their faith, and be able to learn about Buddhism. The staff at the temple is always welcoming towards new visitors as well.

What tech features are present in the temple?

The Hsi Lai Temple has many hi-tech features that make it more inviting for visitors. There is a self-service check-in system, which allows people to quickly register and receive their visitor badges without having to speak with staff members or wait around.

Buddha teaching Dharma at Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple

What historical significance do buddhist monks feel about the Hsi Lai Temple and why do they like being part of this place?

Buddhist monks will often feel a sense of peace and calm when they come to the temple. They enjoy being surrounded by Buddhist art, scriptures, and statues that remind them about their faith’s tenets or teach new lessons. Additionally, many monasteries across Asia have begun following Hsi Lai Temple as an example for how to run a great temple in honor of the great monks who founded the temple.

What is your favorite part of visiting the temple?

There are so many great features that make this spot a treat to visit. I love seeing all the different types of art and sculptures, as well as learning more about Buddhism with each step you take. It’s impossible not to feel at one peace when surrounded by such beauty!

If you’ve visited other temples, what did you think compared to Hsi Lai Temple and which ones would you recommend people visit first?

I have been to several other temples, but this one is my favorite by far. This temple has a great layout and I feel like you can take your time without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. The artwork here is also just incredible! You should definitely put Hsi Lai Temple on the top of your list for places to visit.

What to see:

The Main Hall

This is the largest and most prominent building in all of Hsi Lai Temple, where Buddhist ceremonies are held for major events like Buddha’s birthday or New Year celebrations. The main hall also houses an 11-foot statue of Sakyamuni Buddha.

Other features of Hsi Lai Temple that are worth seeing:

*The Drum Tower

The drum tower is a great place to find solitude and peace.

*Dragon Pond

This pond depicts an important scene from the life of Buddha, as well as being home to three small islands that provide refuge for some rare species of birds.

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