If you are looking for excellent dentist in La Mirada or nearby cities, then Whittier Square Dentistry is just a short drive. High-quality oral health is essential for you and your overall health. Fresh smelling breath is also very critical for having an enjoyable social life. Our office staff actually cares about you and your oral health needs, as well as your family’s. We make it our mission always to give nothing but the best quality care you and your family deserve. Our clinic and staff of top-notch tooth and gum doctors have many satisfied patients who come back regularly for their check-up, cleaning, and other dental services. We offer most all the services you may want and need from a La Mirada dentist.


Visit our staff and let them take care of your annual checkups and professional cleanings. They will listen to you to understand your issues and give you diagnosis along with proper solutions. If you happen to live in any of the nearby cities, then you are more than welcome to use our doctors for any services you may need. We cater to patients from all over Los Angeles including neighboring areas as far as Victorville and Long Beach. Our clinic offers only the best services such as cosmetic, root canal, and crown procedures you may need. Please can call our dental clinic and schedule your first appointment. We love to help you and your family.

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Studies by oral health experts show that inadequate brushing and flossing will allow deadly bacteria to enter your bloodstream and may even cause a heart attack. Research findings published by Web MD says that poor oral habits can lead to a cardiovascular disease. Every year poor oral hygiene causes many cases of heart disease in Americans. Aside from health problems, it can also cause bad breath as well as gum disease, and cavities.

Here is an interview with Dr Aaron Whang. We hope you enjoy it:)!

If you are looking for new dentistry home to get a tooth filled or a beautiful smile from cosmetic dentistry procedures, then don’t hesitate to call our clinic and make your first appointment. We can also help if you need a crown for a broken tooth or a root canal.

Our team consists of some of the nicest and most gentle dentists in all of the Eastern Los Angeles area. We serve our patients nothing but high-quality service. We make your comfort our top priority. Our family center is open to serve you! We welcome you for every examination, cleaning, and other services you may need. We consider our patients as a part of our family. Therefore, we make sure that you and your relatives are well taken care of, regardless of age, we welcome everyone.

La Mirada CA Dental Family

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Our Staff

Our clinic is here for you from the start of your new family, as they grow, and into your elderly years. We are always here for you. We can also teach you and your family how to develop good quality oral health habits. So don’t waste time and make sure you call today to make your appointment and meet our staff.

One of our most outstanding dentists is Dr. Aaron Hwang. He is known to be gentle, caring and very skilled. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with him. Dr. Winston and Dr. Chou are some of the most favored dentists in the East Los Angeles cities. They can take care of most every oral issue and problem you may have.

We Service All The Surrounding Communities

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If you currently live or just moved to our city or one of the surrounding urban communities like La Mirada, La Habra, Norwalk, you are only a short drive from us. So how do you choose the best clinic? Most facilities have only limited services, so you have to go to different dental specialty clinics to get specific treatments; this could be for a root canal or a cosmetic procedure like veneers. Also, we do Invisalign teeth alignment. We can deal with most oral needs your family may require.

Accidents are inevitable and can occur when you’re at work or on the ball field, or your youngster may get some sport related injury in his or her tooth. Emergencies can happen anytime during the workday, at night, or on the end of the week. If you can hold off until the next morning or Monday after the weekend, just come directly to our clinic, and we will get you almost immediately. Please call.

Our staff attends regular workshops to stay current with the most up to date and the best innovation and procedures. Dentistry is continually developing from general cleaning to root canal changes, dental implants, and crowns. We love our continuing education to helpl us do the best work for you.

Enjoy this excellent educational video on Gum Disease.


Our implant specialist Dr. Winston is very gifted. Dr. Winston is a highly qualified member of AGD Academy of General Dentistry and AAID American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He achieved the highly respected award Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry. He can do most of the implant dentistry things you may want or need. Dental implants are created to replace teeth that have been severely damaged. The desired result will be a very natural looking permanent tooth or teeth that function as any other tooth would.

Why Are Dental Implants Important?

On the chance that you or one of your family members have an extremely damaged tooth, you may want to get a highly stable dental implant. These implants keep your teeth from moving around in your mouth causing further oral health problems. The space between your teeth leaves a gap, and the surrounding teeth will try to move to fill this gap. This movement will make your teeth crooked and tight, even affecting your daily flossing. There have been many enhancements and improvements with dental implant technology in the last 15 years. Dr. Winston is exceptionally qualified and gifted authority. Come and get a free consultation at our facility.

We pride ourselves on being an almost one-stop dental clinic. Mother’s and Dad’s, Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s, and naturally the youngsters become a part of our family. While you are in our office, we do our best to make you very comfortable. You have a great chance of keeping your teeth and gums beautiful and healthy if your brush and floss daily along with seeing your dentist regularly for professional cleaning and checkups. An added benefit is helping you with your social and business life. If you need dental implants, call our office for a meeting with Dr. Winston.


If you want to carry on with a healthy quality of life, you should develop good daily habits. We created the 6-minute solution for a healthy mouth. Begin with brushing twice every day and flossing after your last meal of the day. You can even floss while watching TV. Electric toothbrushes are magnificent, and with their little head, you will be able to get to those difficult areas in the back of your mouth. Use a delicate toothbrush with light to medium to soft pressure. This way, you will be gentle on your gums and your teeth enamel. Rinse with a quality mouthwash for 30 seconds after you floss. This rinsing will enable you to wash away the dangerous microbes that live between your teeth.

The Six Minute Solution

Here is the recipe for the 6-minute oral health solution. Brush for 2 minutes twice each day and floss for one minute. Finally, vigorously rinse for 30 seconds each time. This daily habit takes only 6 minutes every day. This 6-minutes is one of the best gifts you can give to your oral health and to your body.

Everybody has 6 minutes for themselves for high-quality oral wellbeing. Your mouth and body will thank you. Of course, you will still need to see us twice a year for an examination and to complete the professional cleaning process. If you require a dental practitioner in La Habra CA or La Mirada, we are only a short drive for you.

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When you decide to call us because you need a dentist near La Mirada, most likely Michele will answer the phone. Our phone number is 562-696-2862 so make your first appointment. We believe that we have the best staff to serve your family needs. We will be honored to serve your family with first class care at your family dental clinic