Why Are Dental Crowns Recommended After A Root Canal?

Why Root Canals?

Root canals treatments, also called endodontics, were invented as a root canal procedure to save a tooth that in the past had to be removed due to serious decay, was cracked from biting too hard or possibly even injured to a sports injury. It is called endodontic treatment and is a form of restorative dentistry. There is a material inside the tooth’s structure called living pulp. The living pulp can become inflamed due to trauma or infection. At Whittier Square Dentistry in Whittier Ca., during the root canal treatment we will remove the infected or dead pulp along with the nerve ending inside the tooth’s root canal chamber. Then we can thoroughly clean and seal the tooth root canal chamber so we can install the crown. In the past, the tooth would have had to be removed. For information on a family dentist, check out our dedicated page here.

Root canal

How Do I Know I May Need A Root Canal?

This inflamed pulp inside the tooth’s root canal can cause intense pain especially when you are eating or drinking hot or cold foods and liquids, and they come in contact with the tooth. The pain can sometimes be intense due to the pulp being inflamed or maybe even infected.

When you feel this specific sensitivity on a particular tooth due to hot or cold liquids, you should see your dentist for an evaluation. In the past, the tooth would have had to be removed, but with endodontic treatment your tooth may be saved.

These are the signs you need a root canal:

Your tooth is tender to the touch
An abscessed tooth (pus inside the jawbone tissue)
Draining pus inside your mouth
Tenderness and swelling of the lymph nodes below your jaw
Occasionally a tooth problem will have no warning signs. A routine dental checkup or x-ray can reveal certain tooth damage.

So Why Do Most Root Canals Need Dental Crowns?

After the root canal is complete, the tooth structure will be weakened, and it will be much more fragile. We remove the pulp that had nourished and lubricated the tooth from the inside with moisture and nutrition. Additionally, we also removed a major portion of your tooth enamel to get access to the root. You need a dental crown, that looks like natural teeth, because your tooth structure is weaker and more brittle. Under the forces of biting and chewing, your tooth has a great chance of eventually fracturing and breaking.

Sometimes the front teeth do not need to get dental crowns but the back teeth that use much greater biting forces need crowns. If they don’t get a crown to strengthen the tooth, there is a good chance it will fracture as you bite into something hard because of its fragile nature. When your tooth becomes fractured, it most likely won’t be able to be restored. You may now have a much more expensive options such as tooth removal and a new dental implant. Also, there may not be enough of the dental hard surface just to do a filling.

After the restoration of the tooth, a dental crown procedure is normally placed on top of the tooth. This dental crown will allow you to eat and chew your food normally. The dental crown will stabilize and strengthen the tooth. With proper care, this tooth may last a lifetime.

This endodontic procedure normally takes two visits. The first to do a root canal then a second to install the crown. Once this dental crown is complete, your tooth should look and feel like a normal tooth. Keeping up your normal home care and oral hygiene your tooth should last many years.

If you suspect that you may have these symptoms listed above, its best to make an appointment to see our dentist in Whittier Ca to get a checkup and a repair if it’s necessary. Our wonderful Whittier dentists are here to serve you and your family.

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