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10 Interesting Facts About Your Teeth

Improve Your IQ About Your Teeth

Your teeth are an integral part of your health, but most people don’t know what makes them unique. It’s the little details that are important and will help shed light on this magnificent part of the human body.

Here are 10 fun facts about your teeth and what they’re all about.

Hispanic Family With Beautiful Smiles

1) Only 2/3 of Your Teeth are Visible

The naked eye tends to see a person’s teeth up to the gumline. However, your teeth don’t stop there and extend well past the gumline.

This means 2/3 of the tooth aren’t visible until they are removed from the gum. As a result, it’s essential to care for what you are seeing and what’s hidden. This is why flossing and caring for your gums is highly recommended to stop tooth decay.

A well-rounded regimen should involve using toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash.

2) Brushing Teeth Early Can Harm Them

It’s never a good idea to brush your teeth right after eating specific types of food. The reason has to do with damaging the enamel due to it being softer after eating. If you brush too soon, the enamel begins to wear down, which has prolonged consequences later on in life.

What is the best way to brush your teeth after eating?

Wait at least an hour or so before grabbing your toothbrush and working on your teeth.

3) Teeth are SOFT on the Inside

While the outer layer is rock hard, the rest of your tooth is quite soft. The enamel is tough and allows you to chew all types of food in your mouth, but the tooth inside is soft to the touch.

4) Your Teeth are Unique

Even if you have your mother’s smile, there are differences between your teeth and her’s. These subtle differences are just like fingerprints, and each person has a unique set of teeth that make them special in their own way.

5) Yellow Teeth Indicate Wear and Tear

Looking at your teeth and noticing a bit of yellow can be frustrating. However, what does the yellow tinge on your teeth mean when it comes to your oral health?

It generally indicates that the white enamel is beginning to break down, and it is now becoming translucent. It is a sign of weakness for your teeth, and it will only worsen with time as the enamel continues to decay.

The dentine underneath tends to have a yellow hue, which you will notice as the enamel withers away.

Tooth With Root Showing

6) Teeth are Not Bones

Your teeth might seem rock hard (and they are!), but they are still not bones. While both are made of calcium, look white, and are hard, this doesn’t mean they are the same.

Bones are different because they can break and heal themselves, including growing back to how they were. On the other hand, you don’t gain access to the same advantages with teeth. They don’t heal on their own.

7) Teeth Take Shape in the Womb

Your teeth are a part of your life as soon as you form in the womb. Over time, you are born, and they come out as baby teeth before falling out and turning into permanent teeth.

8) Humans Brush Teeth for 38+ Days of Their Life

Research shows the average human being will brush their teeth for at least 45 seconds each time during the day. While the average human ends up brushing for at least 38 days throughout their lives as the seconds start to add up.

9) Teeth are the Hardest Part of a Human Body

The enamel is the hardest part of the human body, and that includes your bones.

10) Tooth Decay is a Common Disease in Humans

After the common cold, tooth decay is cited as the most common disease among humans. Studies show at least 1/4 of all humans will deal with tooth decay at one point or another in their lives.

Final Thoughts

For those who want to rock a beautiful smile, it’s all about caring for your teeth and understanding what they’re all about.

These 10 fun facts should help illustrate why your teeth are a wonderful part of your life and deserve to be treated well.

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